Best of Everything


Listed you will find ten of the best of everything that exceeds expectations to the wonder and amazement of the eyes, taste buds, skin, mind and more. A collection of the best gives you a gateway to the world and the finest things within it. Listed are the best of everything from intimate hideaways, flea markets, hotels, chocolates, places to stroll on Sunday to the best cities, art galleries and cigars. While the “best” is a suggestive term, what can be said of the lists provided is that they contain diverse, extraordinary, quality experiences that will be pleasurable, rewarding and surprising.

Traveling can be a means to a destination or can be a transforming experience. Regardless of the reason for travel, it is your desire for adventure that will make the journey memorable. Life is to be savored and enjoyed, not tread upon begrudgingly. The best also implies the most expensive, and while in some instances experiences and items on the list are in the upper price ranges, there are many that are priced economically. Money doesn’t always buy the best, but paying for something that is valuable is essential to its worth. Look at the things in this collection of the ten best and dream, plan and prepare to discover new things. Save up for that trip to visit the one place you have always wanted to go and live life through the eyes of an adventurer by experiencing it to the fullest.

Some of the things covered in this collection of lists are the ten best hideaways and inns. Have you ever wanted to find an amazingly beautiful place tucked away amid the bustle of an exciting city? There are the ten best tailors, like the Ascot Chang, who makes beautifully crafted shirts. Best lakes, canals and waterways, such as the Dead Sea in Israel and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Even the ten best writing instruments are listed as just about anything that will enrich your life with an item or experience is noted in this collection of ten bests.

The hustle and stress of our daily existence can make the days, months and years pass before our eyes. Suddenly we find ourselves on the brink of old age without having accomplished life goals and aspirations. This collection of lists gives you some insight into experiences that one must try before moving on. Grand hotels with incredible views that make your heart flutter will tempt you to save your vacation time and put away money to stand at the top of an ancient city and breathe in the air of our ancestors, or at the edge of an ocean watching whales flip playfully in the air.

Many of the places listed here are designated United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage sites which means that the educational, scientific or cultural impact of the site is worth spending the money, time and effort to preserve for future generations as they offer a window into ancient civilizations and cultures that would otherwise fall into ruin.

If ancient civilizations are not your thing, then maybe an exceptional meal crafted by a talented culinary artisan will set your heart beating, or a fine bottle of wine harvested from old vine grapes and aged in oak barrels over decades. Maybe travel gadgets that make your journey easier and more enjoyable are of interest or the ten best vistas where the world spreads out before you telling its own story. Maybe it is ten of the best ice creams or chocolates that will have you swooning, whatever your interest, these lists will ignite your imagination and hopefully motivate you to travel, taste, smell, relax and enjoy.

Also compiled is a list of the ten best things to do in major global cities. If you are tired of seeing the same sights or trying to avoid overly populated tourist destinations, the lists provide exciting alternatives that offer cultural, visual and historical opportunities to see a part of the city you may not have considered. While the lists do mention some of the main, “must sees” in each major city, they also reveal, out of the way book stores, café’s and theaters that are off of the beaten track and offer a view of the life locals live, that spending a day on a tour bus just cannot provide.

Maybe you want to enjoy a new experience immediately and can’t wait to plan a trip, well most of the lists provide web addresses where one can take a virtual vacation and fill your mind with images, information and virtual experiences that will fulfill your need to “get out of the office”. Also included on most of the websites are online shopping opportunities that allow one to buy something immediately so you can have that finest chocolate, ice cream, perfume or pastrami sandwich delivered right to your door.

Sit back and take this amazing ride while reading the lists of ten best things. Let your mind wander and your sense of adventure build. As you peruse through the items listed make life plans and goals to discover what is so special and remarkable about the experiences mentioned. Plan to embark on your own enthralling journey, even if it lands you in your own back yard with the best cup of coffee ever made. Life is about experiencing the richness of it. The world never asked for masters like Mozart and Galileo, but now having discovered them, the world would be lost without the value of what they brought to it. The same with these experiences, you don’t have to discover them, but living without having experienced some of what is listed will leave you deprived of a great adventure.

List of Best of Everything: