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10 Best Writing Instruments

Even with all the modern conventions and portable electronic writing devices, putting pen to paper is still and exciting way to express oneself. Handwriting says a lot about who we are and how we view the world, how we write and the instruments we use also say just as much. Here are ten of the best writing instruments available today…


A popular fine crafted pen from Italy since 1919, Aurora pens offer sleek modern designs coupled with advanced technology and classic craftsmanship. Known for their wide range of styles and functions, the Aurora pen offers everyday use pens and collector’s editions of fountain pens, ballpoint pens in different point sizes and sketch pens.


Not only a cigarette company, who crafts fine cigarettes, the Dunhill Brand also makes quality pens. The Dunhill makes three styles of pen in a variety of colors, materials and nib choices such as roller ball, ball point and fountain. The pens have exquisite craftsmanship and technology and are luxurious and elegant, a true treasure.


In business for over 150 years, the cross pen company has been a leader in consumer, high quality pens which have been bestowed on high school and college graduates, tenured employees and doting spouses. With engraving options and timeless designs with a fashion flare these pens are an excellent gift choice and can be used everyday,


Montblanc opened a hundred years ago and is known for selling some of the world’s greatest writing instruments. With pen names such as Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich and Etoile de Monte Blanc, their fine crafting, design and exquisite nature is expressed even in the names that reflect icons of beauty and power. The Montblanc pen is simply one of the best, having subtle design flares that are special and extraordinary coupled with their impeccable writing performance, these pens are some of the industry’s finest.


Initially made in American in 1844, the French arm of the company absorbed the other sides and now Waterman pens are made in France. These pens are synonymous with prestige, style, design and function. Known for their expert performance and dependability Waterman pens are a writer’s treasure. The solid 18k gold nips on the fountain pens are handcrafted and adored by the most avid fountain pen user.


Not only known for fine jewelry Cartier’s also makes exquisite writing instruments. Cartier offers pens to suit any taste from diamond encrusted platinum to soft lacquer with clean lines, Carter offers every kind of pen a person would need to show off their impeccable taste style and commitment to the finest things.


Known for their precision design and crafting S.T. Dupont pens use the finest Asian lacquer from the sap of the Rhus vernicifera tree. The living material is so refined it gives the pen unparalleled elegance and no two are alike. Each nib is hand crafted and tested over 200 times to ensure its quality and uniqueness.


A well established name in fine writing instruments, Parker offers a range of pens from the more casual and inexpensive to the elegant and chic. In business since 1888, Parker pens are known and respected. Their website offers interactive buying guides that help you create and “test” your pen before buying it.


Since 1761 Faber-Castell has been making pencils and children’s art supplies, but in addition to their staple pencil production Faber-Castell also makes two significant lines of writing instruments. The Graf von Faber-Castell line has a selection of fine ball point, roller ball, fountain pens and pencils crafted from materials such as etched wood and platinum gold. The Porche Design, is modeled from Ferdinand Alexander Porche’s philosophy that no matter of styling can dwarf the process that takes place within, which is the formal implementation of a functional principle. The Porche Design offers a fashionable variety of exquisitely modern writing tools.


Colored with the flavor of Japanese history and culture Namiki pens are as beautiful as they are innovative. Coming from a culture with a thousand year old tradition of writing, Namiki pens blend art and culture with science and design. Expertly crafted and stunningly beautiful these pens offer flawless performance and artistic styling, built to be used everyday, Namiki pens are more than just a means of communicating, they a gift for a lifetime.